by Gonetcha

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Biased World 03:49
Intro Do, I want to see? Do I wanna hear? I wonder if there is. A need to understand... My own, perception of the world, is what I need/want/seek. My own perception of... Verse Need a baby, everything is ok Need so sneaky, anything else is away Your adventure, need your own Your adventure, get your own, don't be a clone Need a story, or no one would believe Need be pretty, or no one would dare conceive Your adventure, need your own Your adventure, get your own, don't be a clone Pre-chorus Come on, get on, get a-way from all that dis-array Come on, get on, go today Chorus Own your style and go your own way but remember we Live in a biased world (x2) Choose your own adventure but remember That, we live in a biased world (x2) Intro short Do I wanna see? What do I wanna see? Verse I do believe, every one should express On the flip side, it quickly becomes a mess Your adventure, need your own Your adventure, get your own, don't be a clone Angry or hurt, they will alway be right And tell you that, you belong to the dark side Your adventure, need your own Your adventure, get your own, don't be a clone Pre-chorus Chorus
Verse Came to life on planet Earth Human body that's a good birth Let's thrive and try to be happy Okay I got to get money Accumulate what does belong This could go on and on for long Everything has a value And I wonder then who owns who Pre-chorus I give my time and energy, from the womb, to the tomb Say and do what's expected, from teachers, from bosses Conditioned and encouraged, to be nice, with honor And if I get to face the law... Chorus State Property State Property You're State Property State Property Verse Wonder where is the good life Or anything that's worth the strife There is no clever way to die At least a choice that could be mine Pre-chorus I give my time and energy, from the womb, to the tomb Say and do what's expected... Chorus Break Home sweet home You're all gone Your value Don't get through Chorus
Mindless 03:30
Verse I don't know why I still do this, what's the process I don't get how I did digress, feels so stupid How can this still be in my life, bored and angry No wonder I feel like I die, this ain't pretty Pre-chorus Do I choose to, what I do and, do I stand to think in vain or Is there more than feel the roar enter your pores and drain Chorus Mindless, consumption of habits Mindless, illusion of thought Mindless, you think you know what you do But deep in yourself you can't decide about your own life Verse It has always been done this way, traditional Otherwise would feel like betray, what is the goal Wish I could see alternative, in this life script Wish I would be less submissive, would be a trip Pre-chorus Chorus Chorus End chorus Mindless Mindless Mindless But deep in yourself you can't decide about your own life
Nobody 03:34
Verse Can I be myself, well I guess I could say I wish there was a way, that could really play Do I get some affection, for any good reason I get how people can, keep to their person Pre-chorus And I guess there is a way for me, to get what I need that is A little consideration, a little or a lot even Please forgive my weird side, my psychopathic tenden- My psychopathic tendencies Chorus No no no no no, nobody cares about you No no no no no, maybe you care, but is it fair No no no no no, nobody cares about you You're the only one, that gives a damn about your life Verse We all wear a mask, and that's an easy task Since we do that early, our own enemy We are under condition, that we meet completion Of expected features, that fits the picture Pre-chorus Do we ever get out the frame, or is it all the same that we Get insanely, in us for eternity, well so Please forgive my weird side, my psychopathic tenden- Psychopathic tendencies Chorus Break No, no, nobody (x2) Verse What do we do now, knowing we lost or time And nothing's left to shine, or even to whine Do we still play the same game, go for validation And fit the narration, of that scripted fiction Pre-chorus Maybe write another story, and seek another hobby You have always opportunity, your capability Please forgive my weird side, my psychopathic tenden- My psychopathic tendencies Chorus Pre-chorus
Social Slave 03:35
Intro You won't get out Verse You are prone to critic But you're just a statistic Annoying righteousness Criticize 'cause you're blessed Verse Every one, can see That you're virtue signaling Stirred by your, envy You hope we're not guessing Pre-chorus On, your side I'd be, if you Could live without, what others do There's no one out here to say That no one could ever live away Chorus There's no end to all your great ideas, but you're limited Social slave, incompetent, and scared There's no end to all your great ideas, but you're limited Social slave, what you gonna do now? Social slave, social slave, social slave Verse Enthusiastic, critic, demagogue cathartic Suspicious creation, tedious inaction In-hospital mumble, recreation subtle Innocent suggestion, words and words no action Pre-chorus Chorus Post-chorus Break There's no good, reason to get out of prison, there's no intention Your life is here Chorus
Basic 03:48
Intro From early on, accept ourselves But if you want to be, better you should, think for yourself Verse We dare to think, our thoughts, have power and don't fall short But they are lazy in all sorts So get yourself, out there, and try to bring some value Or give up and ask for rescue Chorus What-ever I say, or know, it don't matter Work to be original, or else you are If ever I stay, or go, I would rather Work to be original, or else you are You know there is no magic, cure yourself or you're basic You are so basic You know there is no magic, cure yourself or you're basic You're basic Post-chorus An old mistake, always difficult, to let go Verse The choice is yours, you can, accept it and fight in vain Or prefer to live in disdain Ease your mind, it's okay, we all go through that ordeal So is it really a big deal? Chorus Break No, no no no no no, don't be basic, no, no no no no no no (*2) Verse The best version of yourself, something that's on the shelf But if you want you can play deaf Discard the race for best, good or bad, this is non sense Do anything and it's okay Chorus Break
Aware 03:13
Verse I Got to say, sometimes, I need to play outside For guys upstairs won't quit their silly ways to stick To their marbles or go to jump hurdles to prove They got together a show that proves them better than you Not a homily - Living baloney An anomaly - Still a comedy Sitting on my tree – seekin' novelty Wanna get a see – try colostomy Pre-chorus Other dimension Immersive envy No need to mention Excursive story Chorus Don't compare just try to be aware There's no need to seek someone to stare Don't compare just try to be aware You're just good enough, there's no time to stop, fix your own limits and you'll be enough Verse The More time passes, I get, greener the grasses to let Anger divide us and spare time for real menace to spread I don't like grass, sue me, somehow I'll pass, for real Follow the mass or be free, choose wisely or you're dead My spirit is free, even my body Don't fear scarcity, it's in your story Feel metronomy, an antinomy Fear economy, solid enemy Pre-chorus Chorus
Verse Gangster of drama, have seen it before Understand trauma, That comes from the raw Won't line in the queue, to bring up a coup I prefer to see, another set of keys I'm a realist, I'm not a pessimist I will be pragmatic, even if I'm cynic I don't care if I die, tomorrow or tonight You think I like torment, it's an understatement Chorus Blackmail, blackmail, blackmail culture Accept everything, but under pressure Blackmail, blackmail, blackmail culture Gotta hide yourself behind your, blackmail culture Verse Show me you agree, or I end your career Better be angry, or I will make you be It doesn't matter, what's inside you sir You better submit, and get on with the fleet I won't break a sweat, you pushed me into this I'm not an asset, I got priorities Think differently, has become a plea I'm about to get, to the real meaning yet Chorus Verse Won't excuse myself, we all know it's a war Of will and interest, power has the floor It's ok I guess, don't know who did start This culture process, that we're fighting for Defend territory, that is our story Whatever the cost, don't want to seem lost Ego strikes again, reaction in chain We forget the main, and we know life is vain Chorus
Verse So many things we can't change So many things we would So many things we don't get And stay misunderstood Pre-chorus Let go, let go Chorus Got to love the cycle of life, because it never stops for you The more you think you can do something about it, it consumes your soul All things come and go, everyone told so you so Got to love the cycle of life Verse We always want to control We like to think we're cool We build coping protocols But we are all such fools Pre-chorus Chorus Break We do commit, cling to habits What's the use? I do get it, we're drawn to it Fear to lose! Chorus
Love You All 03:25
Chorus Love you all but sometimes it's enough Love you all but sometimes I'm fed up and Love you all but now please stop with all that Love you all but now please I need some space Chorus Love you all, know what I mean Love you all, I am not mean Love you all, I can't explain Love you all, but sometimes I just want to burn it all Verse Always argue for revenue Always the most petty things or Envy the score I'm aiming for Understand I don't give any, I don't give any Fickle mumble stumble upon, you people And every thing revolves around your limitations Prompt superimposed ideas, intimate views There's no personal attack without you Chorus Verse To burn it all, my distress call Beware of my soft limit The need to know, that I can blow And send your head into space Turn around and round the sound of my patience I'm positive, motivated, and open-minded I try to fill my life with positive ideas Who wants some peace of mind gotta wage a war Chorus
Reason 02:16
Verse Fit your stories Get education Tame your worries To release tension Verse Find a good job Embrace the bride life Don't be a slob Enjoy the things that you get to be now Chorus Reason, reason, reason Reason, reason, reason (x2) Verse Make your own mind About your morals Define the line To draw your purpose Verse What's off limits? Well You get to choose What can you lose You know where you sit and you stand by it Chorus Break You got to, control What happens near you That is a symbol False virtue You got to control What happens near you You got to control
Manipulated 03:21
Verse Looking, for my next fix Random violence, or any disturbance Let me, easy my mind Stroke my spine, reassurance Verse I just found, another source of glee This, sounds, really just like me I feel, so lucky, I get to Find all those treasures Chorus You think, that your tastes, comes from you, and from your style But you're manipulated by, another side That gives you, plastic choice, freedom course, and numbs your mind Nothing comes from you, you are so manipulated We all want to think we get it all and see what's underneath but We are manipulated Verse Body, instructs me to do Whatever feels, good at the moment If I'm, fine or blue It can't be, just from the present Verse Emotions, lead all my mind I am just, human after all It's impossible, I'm not blind I'm on a free fall Chorus Break Are we really thinking beings or are we A bunch of cells That, don't really know, what, they can quell Chorus


released September 13, 2019


all rights reserved



Gonetcha Lyon, France

GONETCHA is back with a new release.
"OUI MAIS" is a mini album evoking our deeply ingrained strategies.
Captivating vocals, an energetic bass, and orchestral arrangements make new aspects of GONETCHA's music resonnate.
GONETCHA's colorful, subtle and inovative style stretches the boundaries.
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