Fickle Games

by Gonetcha

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Picture Me 03:22
Verse 1 Spending the night in city Cairo Well this is quite pretty Strolling the streets of old Mexico Festivities Dancing around aboriginies Magic in the air Wading my path in Amazony We all went there Verse 2 Look at me at this ceremony Come on I'm sure you're proud This one is at the after party It was so loud Hear about my newest promotion Time to suit up, yes sir Got advantage of situation I'm a winner Chorus Picture, picture, picture me on Mount Fuji Picture, picture, picture me in ecstasy Picture, picture, picture me with my Susy Picture, picture, picture my dependency Verse 3 Meeting this one at a pool party Or is it her sister Anyway one of them is mother Of my baby How cute is that little young human Bet you wish you had one Now my life is cursed with no fun Unless I run Chorus Break Picture me, or I don't exist Picture me, or I won't subsist Picture me, or I will just fade away Picture me, or I'll disappear someway, oh!
Verse 1 Plastic, modern Midas Never thought we would do this Up, to our blood Even through amygdalas Eat it, breathe it in There’s no need to be nervous Practical, clinical Water, our best ally It is our best reason why It’s, not so rare Yet it is so hard to spare Drink it, live on it And when it’s your time to sit Make it brown, and toxic Verse 2 Too hot, cannot stand it How ’bout some conditioning It can’t be bad Anyway, prefer freezing I can’t understand Why people would not use it and I prefer my comfort Too cold, I’ve been told That sand deserts are sunny They’re so lucky Let me crank up and warm up Way up, the furnace This will be our new sternness Make it burn, it’s more fun Pre-chorus I can’t change it all, chaos policy Freshest air of all, comes from my AC Chorus Save Our Decay, only gotta display Show me what you could say Save Our Decay, only wanna partay Whatever you dismay Couplet 3 Today, sunny morning There was a big cloud of smog I could not see And, my, allergy kicked in Well I, gave a shrug And went to buy gasoline ‘Cause a lil’ cough, won’t kill me Tonight, another boat Spilled its load on fish and birds We’re all used to Animals, getting slaughtered Same time, same planet Radioactive waste is made We need power for TV Pre-chorus Chorus
Intro I don’t want to hear you say sorry Make me stare, I don’t care what you, carry Say sorry if you mean I won’t worry Have no time to hear fake apology I know you’re deceptive, blackmaily affective Please change your perspective now… Verse 1 You forgot, you don’t remember You got caught, I know you better On the spot, you are a liar And you’re not, a special number Pre-chorus 1 I know you love to say sorry I know you crave for forgiveness (and) I know you’re sore when you worry I know that it’s your own madness (hey) Verse 2 A mistake, now you’re in trouble (Give) me a break, please be more subtle (and) You were set, going to smuggle And I bet, that you can juggle Chorus I don’t want to hear you say sorry (no-no) Make me stare, I don’t care what you, carry Say sorry if you mean I won’t worry Have no time to hear fake apology Verse 3 An accident, that is a surprise You could prevent, and be lil’ more wise I won’t advocate, or even demonize But you took the bait, now time to pay the prize (hey) Pre-chorus 2 I know how much you’re blackmaily I know you use deceptiveness And I know you can lie easily I know you use us in excess (hey) Verse 4 Are you sure? That sounds quite fishy Your allure, seems a bit tricky (and) I assure, I’m not so naive You’ll conjure, something from your sleeve Chorus I don’t want to hear you say sorry Make me stare, I don’t care what you, carry Say sorry if you mean I won’t worry Have no time to hear fake apology End chorus I know you’re deceptive, blackmaily affective Please change your perspective… now…
Giddy Buy 04:12
Verse 1 What I get, from the market Is who I am Ev’ry steak in my basket Is some more spam I know more about furniture than literature I know more about movie stars Than Swedish wars A discount on my checkout Makes me come back My account is the layout Of my fallback I buy more stuff and I feel like I call my bluff Buying my life away from all that disarray Chorus Buy, Giddy (x5) Buy, gets you dizzy Verse 2 New gadget on internet Got to get it If I can’t, I’ll miss the trend And won’t be neat Not sure if I can pay the rent for this month sir But, I will get this new phone and it’ll get better Refrain Break Buy me love ’cause in my glove My hand’s shaking in patienting Buy me love or anything That does feel warm or interesting Buy me love in any form, Calm down my storm, can’t get rid of Buy me love, I’ll kill sort of, I do need love Verse 3 Feels so good that this big brand Understands me In the mood, to run again A buying spree Please just tell me what to do and take my money Swear I won’t ever feel blue to be your doggy Chorus
More Witty 03:34
Verse 1 On our way to facility All my mates looking uncanny Bumpy road to a feeding spree To stuff our bellies with conformity Take the same route, neatly conditioned Wear the same suit, system commissioned Lick on my boot, shiny perversion I’ll be a brute for your submission Chorus All this time to get a lil’ more witty, or so Never set a bar so low in pity, for so Long and don’t mind to leave my spirit to flow Roaming in imaginery city, you know Verse 2 Passin’ the grids, tryin’ to look easy Why are they all looking at me? I know I have no buddy And I’m ready to get bloody They show us our rooms and our professors Yet another year, another depressor Let go the thought, it will get better Ev’ry day passin’, system gets stronger Chorus Verse 3 Hours and hours, losing my soul Feel my life shatter, losing my cool Ev’ry day closer, letting in drool No more brain ever, I am a fool Years passing ever, so slowly Anyway later, I get a degree I will get fired, eventually And wish that never, I got on my knees Chorus Outro Gooooo, I don’t want to go
Verse 1 Are you going out all alone? Who are they? Are they hot? Do you think ’bout playin’ the trombone? Are you sure? Sure why not? Do you think your boss is sexy? I don’t know, answer me I just need some more clarity Come on be, franc with me How can I conceive, that you are telling the truth? Since you look like you’re so upset How can I believe that you’re not playing goof And I will find something, I bet Pre-chorus All right, I don’t get it, do what you want All right, there’s no problem, ev’ry thing’s fine All right… Chorus I need to know Where you’ve been and how you mean that nobody has never seen (you) I need to know If I can and understand how such a pain is never sane Verse 2 It is not that I am jealous I don’t trust, the others Maybe there’s really no menace I don’t care, ’bout numbers I did even see that you just gave a wink You are now flirting with the brink Pre-chorus, Chorus Chorus 2 Come on, you’re kidding I know I’m not, that crazy This time it is going too far No more, analyzing I’m fed up with your zany I don’t care I’m off the radar Pré-chorus, chorus, chorus2
Rebel Hour 04:35
Verse 1 Between plague and cholera I don’t believe there’s tolerance And in between your cinema Well I can see your alliance Make me homeless Keep your seats Go to congress To kill the streets Words that impress Make believe Talk to the press Make us cleave Can you hear the sound of rebellion Your peasants stirring into action No more lies or faking attention We will fight with no apprehension Chorus Rebel hour, got some fresh news to tell you, master Power shifter, really thought that you were much taller Sweet and sour, now is time to deal with this disaster Rebel hour Verse 2 Now is time to see us as humans Your sweet numbers would not breed this tension Now you’ll deal with what is your mission And take care or every civilian Chorus Verse 3 Power to the People, money can’t buy And liberty to eliminate, lobbies and ties Equality for all, the big lie, stands by Leader to terminate, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-bye Chorus
By Myself 03:39
Verse 1 Getting up Waking up Shaking up Filling up Transition verse O-o-okay Verse 2 Warming up Cleaning up Working up Clearing up Pre-chorus Every same day Can’t think of more stuff to do No matter how I lose time At least it won’t cloud up my mind We are what we repeatedly do Well that’s what I’m supposed, to do Time management, control torment Chorus By myself every thing is okay okay As long as, I don’t really think about it By myself every thing is okay okay As long as, I manage to land on my feet Verse 3 Chilling out Thinking more Acting less Go to bed Short pre-chorus Well anyway, nobody cares about my lil’ life The only one that is concerned, is me and my little conscience Chorus Outro Work all days you’re a worker Chill all day you’re a loafer While you spend time on your future People give you a lecture
Verse 1 Drinking sips, of my coffee While, betting on my favorite team Can’t resist the urge to see If I get like a dozen rupees Tension beginning to set While, I’m lighting my first cigarette This moment I will not forget As I feel like I’m starting to sweat No problem, I have seen my doctor I got just the pill that I need For this one is a life savor Not a day without planting the seed My brain, a close circuit of greed All made of holy dopamine Keeps me in a spiral of need Where my poor will is fading Chorus True passion, destruction, perdition, losing control Solution, to tension, letting go, losing control My prison, no reason, my treason, in person, abandon, emotions, no lesson, losing control Cognition, collision, condition, no vision Verse 2 No time for life’s hustle and bustle Playing games is more comfortable Gives me a taste of fake achievement Away from potential torment My past haunts me when I am thinking Let me get my remedy Let’s empty this bottle of whisky Until I’m gently sleeping Fear about events in, the future Let’s find some distraction I’ll become a shopping abuser Focus on a plastic reason I filled all the rooms I live in No space, what am I doing? Still feels empty in my whole being I don’t care while I’m eating Chorus Break Not my fault if I’m so sensitive I got trapped in something subversive At least a don’t yield to chemical snow Maybe I should try it out now though Verse 3 Drinking sips, of my coffee While, betting on my favourite team Can’t resist the urge to see If, I get like a dozen rupees Tension beginning to set While, I’m lighting my first cigarette This moment I will not forget As, I feel like I’m starting to sweat This sweet grass is supposed to be soft But I just can’t get enough Made a cake to be a lil’ show-off And I talk with Rachmaninoff Now nature does nothing to me And I am, my own enemy Every body always stares at me And I can’t feel my body I wonder when this will go away ‘Cause I don’t, wanna stay All these days feel the same In my own hamster wheel I have only one idea Put me out, of my misery
Look for Me 03:45
Intro In the dark, won’t see me Wear a mask, be funny In the dark, come find me Do your task… Verse 1 Hidden in a trunk Well this is quite easy Have fun, with my funk Please look and have pity Please friend, give money Don’t be such a meanie Come on, it’s funny You will come back to me Verse 2 You helped me now please come back I need you to feel I pay back For this is what cuts me some slack To hear you look for me like that Now come back and I’ll ask for more Say no I’ll rob you like before You don’t know but I’ve done it more I do that and I keep some score Chorus Why don’t you look for me? Verse 3 I pushed, more and more I reached up a limit I know, went too far And now there’s no exit Verse 4 You know what I did this for I just wanted some attention I think I need and intervention But I know you are no doctor Chorus Break Chase me, hunt me, try to kill me You do need me, I got you now Look for me more behind a tree Pretty old game lmao I know I made you lose your mind Looking for me, spent all your time Getting even harder to find It makes me feel like you are mine You thought I were like all victims But now I’m your persecutor I hide behind forgotten whims Until you or I die faster Stop In the dark, won’t see me Wear a maaaask… Chorus
Verse 1 A common confrontation Has angered the CEO, you’re doomed Now handle the situation Retract is the way that is assumed Will you get the guts to commit? Or hear your fear and omit your cure? The stakes say that you will submit This act will have consequences for sure Verse 2 You were caught when unaware Think fast to avoid appearing stupid Don’t move, just breathe in the air Maybe you won’t seem so vapid Annoyed when people disagree Pissed off when you don’t get what you want Ok, try to look more pretty Just you flaunt Chorus Flee or fight, choose your line Freeze or fawn, you’re not done Out of sight, should be fine Your strategy, your comedy Flee or fight, grow a chine Freeze or fawn, can be fun Take a bite, wine and dine Other story, your tragedy Verse 3 Survive ’cause you’ll get no pity Do what it takes to meet your objective Believe me this ain’t so petty You make no progress when you grieve Live or die, you gotta choose We ain’t so different from animals So don’t put your life on a snooze In your sleep people can get radical Chorus
No Limit 03:25
Verse 1 I don’t know, will I do it? We all say this What if they don’t go for it? Unimportant Am I really cut for it? Do not dismiss What if I’m not really fit? Be your own stuff, be discordant Chorus No limit, Infinite Verse 2 Take your message in the streets Maybe by chance Get first place in olympics Work breads success Dream your life and live your dreams Include your stance Don’t get caught up in mainstream So go swimming in that game of chess Chorus Verse 3 Go finish your masterpiece Fame is waiting Find a cure for a disease Proud and shining Win the Nobel prize of peace Make a difference Pick som’ nice to realize And forget about those jealous lies Final chorus No limit, Infinite Don’t align to sell your mind or fall into some crave to shine You will find and you’ll be fine in the confines of your own time


released January 17, 2019


all rights reserved



Gonetcha Lyon, France

GONETCHA is back with a new release.
"OUI MAIS" is a mini album evoking our deeply ingrained strategies.
Captivating vocals, an energetic bass, and orchestral arrangements make new aspects of GONETCHA's music resonnate.
GONETCHA's colorful, subtle and inovative style stretches the boundaries.
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